This may be the toughest contract decision yet after two fantastic first round finishes by James Gonzalez and Nathan Kelly, a second round submission by now three-time PFL veteran Brahyan Zurcher, and a well rounded dominant decision by undefeated Gabriel Braga 

To recap the process, at this point the promotion narrows the four winning fighters down to two finalists for the PFL contract and then we go to the celebrity panel and Bud Light Fan Vote!  If the Celebrity Panel and the fans agree, that fighter wins the contract, easy peasy.  If the panel and the fans disagree, Ray Sefo gets the tie breaking vote. And without further ado, our finalists tonight will be… Nathan Kelly and Brahyan Zurcher! James Gonzalez and Gabriel Braga take their exit despite excellent showings and hopefully we see them both back in the SmartCage sooner than later.

The Bud Light Fan Vote is now active as we hit the highlight packages for a brief reminder on how our finalists got here. For the last time tonight we head to commercials as fans take their time to cast their Bud Light Fan Vote and help decide who will win a PFL contract.  This week’s celebrity panel (Megan Anderson, Tyron Woodley, Tim Kennedy) will also now deliberate to cast their vote.  We return with Sean O’Connell and our two finalists and we kick it to KenFlo for the Celebrity Panel’s thoughts.

Tim Kennedy will start with the celebrity panel and has high praise for Kelly but seems a bit more excited by Zurcher. Woodley notes that he’s very impressed that Kelly stuck with MMA after losing his first two bouts, and also states he was impressed by Zurcher.  Megan Anderson offers praise for both fighters before Tyron Woodley reveals the Celebrity Panel has cast their vote for Brahyan Zurcher!  The Bud Light Fan Vote is in and 56% of the fans voted for Brahyan Zurcher! Brahyan Zurcher is your Week 6 contract winner and newest PFL featherweight!