Another Friday night and what else could that mean but another edition of the PFL Challenger Series!  This week the Women Flyweights clash to decide who gets a contract for the inaugural season for the division. TUF veteran and undefeated bare-knuckle champion Helen Peralta takes on Lisa Mauldin, a tough out who has never been finished in our first bout of the evening.   


Round 1 


The bell rings and we’re underway in Orlando.  Peralta swings big with an overhand to open the bout but Mauldin times it up and takes her down.  Peralta throws up a triangle but Mauldin defends well, attacking the legs of Peralta and using them to sweep 90 seconds into the fight.


Peralta is able to re-guard and start throwing up submission attempts again as Mauldin postures up and does some big damage with ground and pound as we approach the midway point of the round.  Mauldin works to maintain top position and postures up again, landing some nice shots before Peralta starts to throw short punches off her back.


Peralta is continuing to throw up submission attempts and strikes from her back but Mauldin is also landing some nice shots from the the top of Peralta’s closed guard.  With 40 seconds remaining, Mauldin passes off to half guard and attacks an arm triangle submission but Peralta stays calm, eventually getting to a hip and regaining her full guard and that will end the round.


Round 2 


This round begins in much the same way with both fighters rushing to control the center of the SmartCage, however this time these women are throwing heavy leather with both fighters landing some effective shots in the exchange before Mauldin decides she wants to take the fight back to the ground again.


Mauldin once again perfectly times a double leg takedown and starts working to pass Peralta’s full guard.  It should definitely be noted that Mauldin is doing a better job using head and shoulder pressure to prevent Peralta from throwing offense from her back.


Mauldin briefly attacks a calf slicer but see’s that there’s nothing there and jumps ship, getting back to her feet as Peralta rushes in and grabs an underhook and starts grinding Mauldin down along the SmartCage.  Peralta changes levels but Mauldin does a great job fighting her off, grabbing the Thai clinch and landing some effective knees to the body to end the round.


Round 3


The first ever PFL Challenger Series Women’s Flyweight bout goes to the final round as Peralta takes the center of the SmartCage, winging overhands as she has all fight to no avail.


Peralta now attacks the underhooks again, grinding Mauldin down along the SmartCage as the fighters both trade short punches and knees to the body and suddenly Mauldin hits a beautiful step through hip toss and briefly gets the crucifix before Peralta is able to re-guard once again.


Once again Mauldin postures up and lands some big punches as Peralta struggles to get off her back, with Mauldin transitioning to the full mount with about 90 seconds remaining in the round!  Mauldin wastes no time getting to work with the position and unleashes a flurry of punches and the referee steps in, Lisa Mauldin gets the 3rd round TKO! 






Lisa Mauldin wins the first ever PFL Challenger Series Flyweight bout with a 3rd round TKO!


Lisa Mauldin def. Helen Peralta via 3rd Round TKO (Punches, 3:51)