Through 11 fights in her career, Kaytlin Neil competed in a variety of notable MMA promotions before making her way to the PFL. Neil, who was a competitive cheerleader before trying her hand at MMA, participated in this year’s Challenger Series, scoring a unanimous decision over Katherine Corogenes in February.


A native of Brazil, Maira Mazar has a background in Sanda, where she’s been a National, South American and Pan-American champion. Mazar, who currently trains with Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, has racked up 5 KO/TKOs since her professional debut about a decade ago. Mazar competed in this year’s Challenger Series, dropping a decision to eventual contract winner Desiree Yanez in February.


In this women’s flyweight showcase, both will be looking to impress and earn more PFL opportunities.



Round 1


Mazar dances on the outside as the two women start by trading leg kicks. Mazar with a combination. Mazar grabs a leg kick attempt from Neil and she tries to press, but Neil reverses and gets Mazar up against the PFL SmartCage. Neil with a knee to the body, and Mazar answers with two of her own before they break off. Neil with a right hand on the exit. One-two by Mazar. Combination by Neil that ends in a strong right hand. Mazar throws a combination as Neil tries to keep distance.


Another one-two from Mazar, as Neil tries to time her shots. Neil misses a couple of jabs. Leg kick by Mazar. Mazar misses a body shot, but lands a second. Neil misses a one-two. Neil lands a right that gets Mazar to briefly stumble. Front kick to the body by Mazar. Neil pressures with a couple of left jabs. High kick and a left hook by Neil as they affected Mazar. Mazar keeps coming forward, however, and she manages to press up Neil against the SmartCage. Knee to the head by Neil on the break.




Round 2


Neil switches stances as the two feel each other out, as Mazar is still trying to figure out how to get inside. Mazar throws a few low kicks. Neil works the jab and lands some low kicks. Mazar misses the overhand right and eats a jab. Neil throws a one-two to the body. Mazar misses the overhand again and Neil keeps her distance as Mazar presses forward. Mazar continues to come forward and Neil makes her pay with leg kicks. High kick from Neil is blocked, and Mazar lands a low kick. Calf kick by Neil.


Neil comes in with a punch-high kick combination, and Mazar answers with a three-punch combination. Mazar backs her up with jabs, but Neil misses a right. Neil tries to force Mazar back with a high kick. Another low kick from Mazar. Neil starts to throw a few calf kicks. Mazar catches a low kick and tries to bring Neil to the fence, but Neil manages to land a punch and get her off. Another low kick from Mazar. Neil with one of her own but she eats a straight from Mazar. Each lands a straight before the bell.




Round 3


Mazar works the jab to start the third. Neil with a couple of jabs and a low kick. Mazar answers. A high kick from Mazar is blocked. A couple of left hands from Mazar. One-two from Neil. Low kick by Neil, and one from Mazar. Neil with a side kick to the body. Mazar misses a kick. Mazar comes forward with a combination of jabs. Mazar tags Neil with a left hand. Neil backs Mazar up with a couple of lefts, but Mazar answers back as Neil switches stances. Neil misses a pair of lefts as the two trade jabs.


Neil throws a front kick but Mazar catches her leg with a kick. Small combination from Mazar as she comes forward. Neil throws a kick and Mazar throws a small combination. Low kick by Mazar. Neil throws a combination but gets nothing. Front kick to the body by Mazar as the pace slows down. Mazar lands a big overhand right upstairs. The two clinch, with Neil throwing a couple of knees before a break. Neil lands a big knee that stumbles Mazar back a bit. Mazar recovers and comes forward again. Mazar lands a left to back Neil up. The two clinch up again in the closing seconds, as Mazar looks for a takedown, but Neil presses her against the SmartCage and fires off a small flurry before the bell.





Maira Mazar def. Kaytlin Neil via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)


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