Denis Goltsov vs Renan Ferreira | Heavyweight: Road to the Million

The tallest fighter on the PFL roster, at 6’8”, Renan Ferreira has successfully used his length and crisp striking to make his way to the 2023 Heavyweight World Championship with back-to-back knockout wins. He faces PFL veteran and playoff mainstay Denis Goltsov, who has made his way to the finals with 3 first-round finishes, looking better than ever.

“Problema” will want to keep the fight on the feet and use his length to manage distance against the skilled Russian grappler. Goltsov is no slouch on the feet either, holding the PFL record for fastest KO in the heavyweight division with his 18-second victory in Atlanta this season. As these two rapid behemoths collide, expect them to meet in the middle and throw bombs.

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